Suter Software Development

MoCal – Motorcycle Calculation Software

MoCal is a geometric analysis program for motorcycles that calculates for given geometric, physical and user defined parameters all key factors for a best track setup.

Unlike other comparable software, MoCal is designed based on the profound knowledge of EVEN in the development of engineering software and the yearlong experience of Suter Racing Technology which designs, engineers and builds motorcycles for world championships such as MotoGP, World Superbike, Moto2&3, AMA Superbike, former 250cc etc.


A powerful tool

The setup possibilities of modern racing motorcycles have increased immensely in the last decade. Hence also the interactions of different changes in geometries, suspension setups and weight distributions have become more and more complex.

To make the right choice in setup and understand fully the effects of changes grows increasingly important. In the same time less time is available to the engineers in charge.

MoCal was programmed with one goal in mind: to give the engineers on track a powerful tool to work with. To fully control the effects of changes done in motorcycle setup and compare them with different setups used on other racetracks.