Suter-BMW MMX1 MotoGP


The Suter-BMW is a 1000cm³, 4-stroke prototype racebike consequently developed for the MotoGP world championship, the premier class of the FIM motorcycle racing World Championship.

With begin of the season 2012, in the ultimate test for the finest talents in motorcycle racing, not only the 1000ccm capacity engines have been re-introduced but also a new generation of racing machines, run by the so called "Claiming Rule Teams (CRT)" are allowed to participate.

The manufacturers of these machines are not member of the MSMA (Yamaha, Honda, Ducati and Suzuki). These CRT motorcycles are pure prototype machines that must however in contrary to the rest of the field inherit an engine based on a serial model.



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Competing with the all new Suter-BMW MMX1, Suter Racing is one of the most promising manufacturers for this new class. The Suter-BMW MMX1 is powered by a BMW S 1000 RR engine, not only because this engine has already a high performance in the serial version, but also because this 4 cylinder in-line engine has some similar outer dimensions as the current Moto2 engines. This way many synergies can be used between these two projects of Suter Racing.

Suter-BMW Team of the MotoGP WC 2013