SuterClutch - The Anti-Hopping Clutch

 "The Champion's Slipper Clutch Technology"


The SuterClutch — precision machined from T-6 aircraft quality aluminum — is a slipper clutch specially developed for motorbike racing. It leads the field of slipper clutches thanks to a new and revolutionary mechanism.

The SuterClutch Slipper Clutch offers better running characteristics and smoothness across the entire range. No more rear wheel hopping, easier controllable slides and a smoother, more precise response (with offroad bikes a smoother braking phase, especially on heavy bumps) result in improved stability during braking, a better steering behaviour and hence faster lap times. Riders immediately notice the benefits of this slipper clutch, even if they are already quick...

In racing — On- and Offroad — nowadays the SuterClutch is considered by professional bikers around the world as one of the most crucial PowerPart, but also for the ambitious amateur rider this slipper clutch is a great device.