Consulting & Supporting high-tech product developments


Our huge know-how gained in years of top level motor sport is well sought after for concepts and designs in all industries. Our shorter response time to find the optimal solution leads to much lower development costs.

Our innovative and experienced team accomplishes complex projects, efficiently and punctually. Suter Racing utilizes state of the art development tools, an excellent manufacturing facility and a highly qualified network of suppliers. As the general contractor Suter Racing is the direct partner for the customer and takes responsibility for the entire project. Providing all the support deemed necessary.


A small selection of our product development

Hydraulic unit for the Alinghi Americas cup Catamaran Alinghi 5


Suter Racing is well experienced in developing (prototype) power trains, having build diverse systems for different customers. One well-known example is hydraulic aggregate for Alinghi's America's-Cup sailing catamaran Alinghi 5, a 27x27m high-tech boat with a 62m tall mast. 
This unit, powered by a gasoline engine, was used in the 33th America's Cup 2010 as power source for the hydraulic actuation of the winches as well as for the water ballast pumps

Gearbox for Reinforced Concrete Wall Saw

Product for a world renowned company in the field of sawing, grinding, cutting and drilling. Amongst other machines, they produce wall saws for cutting reinforced concrete.
Using big saw blades, cuts can be done through up to 50cm thick ferroconcrete. Suter Racing has developed for such a machine a gearbox with 4 gears, allowing the maximum power to be used with different diameter saw blades. 
The requirements for the gearbox were extreme:
An 18kW electric engine driving the gears at 10000 rpm which has to be reduced in 4 steps down to 1100 to 2400 rpm; the max. torque being 175Nm. SRT developed a gearbox which thanks to a revolutionary shifter mechanism allowed an extremely compact construction.